Some of Our Past Tours

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land with a Wedding Celebration at Cana

Price: $2,575.00, Departure: February 15 to 23/ 2019

The Wonders of Japan & Hong Kong

Price: $4,995.00, Departure: April 23 to May 4/ 2019

Israel and Egypt with Fundacion Ritmo Guanaco

Price: $2,998.00, Departure: May 13 to 25/ 2019

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Extension to Rome

Price: $4,650.00, Departure: August 19 to September 1/ 2019

Wonderful Turkey & Grece

Price: $3,500.00, Departure: September 2 - 14/ 2019

Group Leaders

Father Alonso M.

Father Marcelo B.

Father Succes J.

Father Marco T Pena

Video Tours

Prepare yourself for a journey to the Holy Land. Join others in fulfilling the dream of walking where Jesus walked. Each tour is led by a local guide who is an expert on the historical, cultural, scenic, and spiritual history of Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Dubai...

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